Green Events

Green Event Services

Keepin’ It Green…Enabling Zero-Waste Events since 2006

Since our inception, Green Is Green has been working with producers to execute environmentally responsible events that minimize impact, lower the costs of going green and employ responsible recovery systems.

Our Turn-key service facilitates the ordering and delivery of eco-friendly serviceware to your event. We decrease the overall product and administrative costs for all stakeholders by providing discounted products and alleviating some of the burdens associated with managing sustainability.

Provides a cobranded discount catalogOur basic solution:
  • Manages food and beverage vendor orders
  • Coordinates on-site delivery of all products
  • Provides starting inventory reporting
  • Ensures compliance and accountability
  • On site back up and support
  • Enhances event image
  • Ensures that only approved products are used
  • Reduces vendor management workload
  • Helps meet sustainability targets by maximizing diversion rates, “Regard the Discard”
  • Lowers costs for vendors and producers
  • Aids in accurate tracking of vendor sales
  • Decreases carbon footprint of your event

Expanded Services

Net-Zero Consulting
  • Responsible closed loop recovery systems
  • On-Site Recycling, Composting and separation programs
  • Waste Collection Disposal
  • Carbon Neutrality Options
  • Use of Solar Stages and Wind Energy Credits
  • Green Riders
  • Air quality compliance and credits
Awareness, Promotions and Outreach/Education
  • On-Site promotions and presence management
  • Events and promotions staffing
  • Sampling and event teams
  • Flyer & Postcard distribution
  • Targeted Guerrilla and buzz
  • Custom printed cups for beverage service
  • Private label bottled water in bio-plastic bottles